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Facing bricks 65mm


Code: BF000171
(In Stock)
65mm Brodsworth Mixture Brick (lbc Tudor Look-alike)

Price: £0.57

Code: BF000199
(In Stock)
65mm Heather Sandfaced Brick

Price: £0.47

Code: BF000230

65mm Lbc Cotswold Brick

(Out of Stock)

Code: BF000280
(In Stock)
65mm Ibstock Manorial Mixture

Price: £0.68

Code: BF000337
(In Stock)
65mm Ibstock Staffordshire Multi Brick

Price: £0.82

Code: BF000813

65mm Chelwood Peak Red Mixture Brick

(Out of Stock)

Code: BF000816

65mm Chelwood Woodland Mix Brick

(Out of Stock)

Code: BF000989

65mm Terca Kassandra Multi Face Brick

(Out of Stock)

Code: BF000997

65mm Terca Antigua Red Multi

(Out of Stock)

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