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Here, we intend to answer common questions that are raised about the use of the Beers website. Contents

  • What are the aims and uses of the Beers website?
    The Beers website has several aims and uses:
    • Allow Beers customers to view product information and prices online
    • Allow new and existing customers to create enquiry quotes and place product orders
    • Provide a means of keeping customers aware of special offers and events, job vacancies and terms of service.
    • Provide a means for customers to place direct enquiries via email
    • Allow non-registered customers to apply for a trade credit account with the company.
    • Allow trade customers to log in to view and order products at discounted trade prices
  • How do I find products?
    You can find products in two ways:
    • Use the products list to browse product categories
    • Use the search bar to search for specific products

    Using the products list

    The products list is located to the left-hand side of every page. It contains categories of products, each of which may be expanded to display a collection of products from the chosen price.

    Using the search bar

    The search bar, located in the top left-hand corner of each page, is used to search for specific products.

    By entering key words and pressing the search button, you will be presented with a list of products that match the search term you have entered.

    How big is the range of products available online?

    Nearly all products stocked instore by Beers are available online.

    Additionally, our website contains products that are only available online (see: Offers & Web Specials).

    How often is the online products catalogue updated?

    Our online products catalogue and downloadable price lists are updated at least once per week (usually starting of a Monday).

  • What is a shopping cart?
    You can think of the shopping cart as a 'virtual shopping basket'.

    At any time that you can see a shopping cart link in the top right-hand corner of the screen, you will be able to view details of the products that you are currently building up in your cart. Clicking any of the links in the cart window in the corner of the screen will take you to a page where you can view, edit and place an order for your items.

  • What are the delivery charges?
    The general guide for delivery charges is as follows:
    • For delivery within 10 miles of the preferred branch, delivery is £10.00 for orders under £150 and free for orders over £150.
    • For delivery outside a 10 mile radius of the selected branch, delivery is charged at £1 per mile.
  • What if I'm a Beers trade/terms customer (or wish to become one)?
    We provide a special online service for our registered trade customers which enables you to view products at prices that are relevant to your pricing level.

    If you are a registered trade or special terms customer with Beers, you can log in to the website as a trade user.

    If you are registered with the company as a trade or terms customer but do not already have access to an online trade account please ask someone from your local branch.

    If you are not registered as a trade/terms customer with Beers, nor do you have an online trade account, please apply first for a trade credit account with the company. You must be registered with the company as a trade customer to be eligible to use the Beers website's online trade account. You may apply for a trade credit account with Beers by completing and returning this application form (PDF format).

  • How do I contact Beers?
    Our contact details are given on the Contact Us page. To find a particular branch, please use our Branch Location page.
  • Where can I find complete price lists?
    All price lists can be found on our pricelists page.

    If you are using the website as a standard retail customer, the Price Lists page will give you access to all standard retail prices.

    If you are logged in as a trade or special terms customer, the website will grant you access to trade pricelists, depending on the pricing level that is relevant to your online account.

  • What are Beers' opening times?
    Our opening hours for all branches are written on the Contact Us page.
  • How do I apply for a job/supply a CV?
    Any job positions will be advertised on our Jobs page.

    Even if we are not recruiting, we welcome you to send us a CV for future reference. Often, a job will become available and it we may review past CV applications while looking for suitable applicants for a position..

  • Where can I find information on special offers?
    Our monthly flyers and advertisements can be found in store or can be requested by contacting at

    Beers runs a collection of specially-priced products which can be found on our offer page.

  • What is Beers' company registration information?
    Beers Timber & Building Supplies Ltd.

    Registered office: Boundary Street, Liverpool, L5 9UD.

    Registered in England, No. 4324716.
    VAT Reg No. 785 7860 64.